The Favre-zen Food Master and Why You Sometimes Have to Get Off the Path to See A Clearer One

Ok. So I’m back even though I said I wouldn’t be.

I’m back to doing videos about frozen food even though I said I was finished.

I have decided to come back only 6 weeks after I swore I would never return.

I closed up shop mentally. A new year meant a new me! I was eating right, feeling great, and leaving time for me. “I’ll give myself at least 90 days before I think about jumping back onto the hamster wheel” I said more than once.

You see, I was walking along a path for 4 years with no real destination in mind. And once I got off of it, I missed the familiarity of my stride. The comfort in the rhythm of my journey. Then people started presenting me different paths to more defined destinations.

Even though my decision to quit last December felt super right, there I was just 2 weeks later mulling over a number of opportunities that have made me think the decision to come back is more right.
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Those opportunities allowed me to see a clearer goal. And looking down that clearer path feels amazing. I marinaded the opportunities for days (actually it’s been weeks now). Played out every scenario. “Would I be doing it for the right reasons?” “Can I imagine doing this again?” “Is it worth my time?”

Then last tuesday I went on an amazing run at 5 in the morning and it all came together.

So there I was…on a run early in the morning and a flood of ideas came pouring out: what the concept was, what to call it, how to monetize it, how to shoot it, how to edit it, the tone of the show, the demographic, how I would market it, who I would partner with.

Ever have one of those moments where everything seems to fall into place? As if a blurry picture suddenly aligns itself to reveal a masterpiece? It was an epiphany of sorts. One in which I had only felt a couple of times before. The most notable past time was the day I decided to start FreezerBurns. I knew I was onto something that day and I feel the same thing right now.

All of this because I stepped off the field and looked at it from the sideline to contemplate the journey.

Perspective. Enlightening perspective.

So that brings me to today. My official announcement (even though I teased it in a video last week) that I am coming back with a new webshow. It is a different concept. But it is frozen food related. It is part of the Freezerburns brand. And I will fucking succeed at it because I found my passion again and I can feel in my soul that I will.

I have shot the pilot already and it feels good seeing moving pictures that look as close to what I built up in my mind. A few more tweaks and a couple more episodes under my belt and it will be ready for prime-time.

I am not nervous about coming back. I’m more nervous about what my flip-flopping will do to my reputation. It’s a total Brett Favre move and I’m not proud of it. In the end I have turned down those great opportunities that served as the catalysts for my return. They were big enough to get me to rethink. But not big enough for how awesome I feel this will be.

Thanks for being here with me on this journey and your undying support. The new show will debut in a couple of weeks.

Gregory Ng

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2 thoughts on “The Favre-zen Food Master and Why You Sometimes Have to Get Off the Path to See A Clearer One

  1. So excited to read this. You’ve been one of my online heroes for years, and it’s great to see you in a place where your goals are in reach again.

    My favorite line: I will fucking succeed at it because I found my passion again and I can feel in my soul that I will.

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