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Wasted Space in My Garage

Wasted space. I had a problem. A full year after buying my new car I still had not managed to get it in the garage. Even though we have a 2 car garage, there were tons of things in our garage that prevented us to fit both my wife’s minivan and my car in at the same time.

The thing that bugged me the most about this situation that we were in was that there was plenty of space in our garage to fit both cars in there. What we were faced with was the empty space was not on the garage floor but in the space between the floor and the ceiling.

You see, based on the slope of our land (the front of our house is higher up) and the placement of our garage (in the back), we have a very, very tall garage. This would be great if we had a ping pong table in there as it would accommodate high arcs for the ball to travel in. But it grated on me because it was wasted space.

Check out the amount of space we have over our garage door for crying out loud! At least 5 ft!

If only I could take that space and utilize it better. If only I could elevate some of our garage stuff so that there was more room on the ground floor to move our vehicles inside. I did some research on companies that could install a shelving unit above our garage door and after comparing a few companies decided on a local Cary, NC company called Garaginize.

Check out how much extra storage space we have now above our garage door!

And here’s a closeup of the rack itself.

In the end Garaginize installed a 4′ x 20′ “superdeck” that can hold a massive amount of stuff. And because it is above the garage it is hidden from view when looking into our garage. Garaginize was super awesome. They were super flexible when it came to scheduling an estimate and installation. The cost was a fair price and the installation process was on time, professional, and they cleaned up afterwards.

Success! We not can fit both cars in the garage and all the clutter is gone!

Has anyone else had experience with Garaginize?

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6 thoughts on “Wasted Space in My Garage

  1. Gosh I would love something like that in our garage. My husband is a pack rat plus has difficulty getting stuff put away. For example, the Blizzak snow tires we removed last May are still sitting on the floor of the garage and it is now September in Denver. So as you can guess it is almost time to put them back on again. We have also finally purchased an SUV for me and Colorado winters. I have wanted one for years. I have always followed your website for the best freezer items and then I began couponing. I am an advanced couponer with a good stash but not hoarder. I have saved us so much money and my husband has a big golf fund from it. So I finally got my car but it is big and the garage is very tight right now. It sure would be nice to get more stuff off the floor for more room. It is Denver so you don’t want to park one of the cars outside because you don’t want to dig it out and we are also the hail capitol of the US. This would be so great.

  2. Garages are always spacious but are filled with junks that
    we can put inside the house. But we forget that the main purpose of garage is
    for parking our Cars and not for the junks. In my house, the garage is filled
    with all the stuff that my father used to do but now he doesn’t but still he
    likes to keep it. It reminds him his youth days. Well at least you have cleaned
    your garage. Ours I don’t think so will clean in any time soon. It’s not a
    garage but his cave. I was reading a blog few days back about how garage becomes
    man cave.

  3. Hey, thanks for the valuable information it’s true that garage is always filled with junks thanks for giving us an idea on how to keep the garage clean and have proper use of it.

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