Indoor Skydiving in North Carolina!

On saturday, a bunch of friends and I took my wife indoor skydiving for her birthday! My wife has always talked about the idea of skydiving but after having kids didn’t much care for the risk involved. I heard from a few friends here in Raleigh that there was an indoor skydiving place locally! Paraclete XP Sky Venture is a vertical wind tunnel that “is not a ride or a simulator, you are actually flying!” And it takes away some of the risk!

FAQs About Indoor Skydiving at Paraclete XP in Raeford, North Carolina

Here’s some FAQs based on the questions I have been getting from friends and family:

How big is the tunnel?
It is a huge, tall wind tunnel (I’ve heard the tallest in the world) and wind at over 100 mph blows from the bottom up.

Can you fall?
There’s a netting on the bottom so you can’t drop all the way down (you can see the instructor standing on it)

How much training do you need?
Training consists of a 10 minutes session talking about the proper positioning of your body and going over hand signals for “straighten your legs” or “bend your legs”

Where do I put my stuff?
They provide lockers for your belongings

Do I need to bring /buy any equipment?
They provide all gear

Can I wear a camera inside the tunnel?
You can’t wear a GoPro camera while flying (I asked)

How do I get pictures of my flight?
They have a photographer that takes pictures for you. You need to pay $42 and you get them all on a USB stick.

Can people watch?
You can just go to watch from outside the tunnel. Also the tunnel is livestreamed so people can watch you from home! Check it out!

What are the requirements to fly?
Requirements are simple: You can’t be pregnant, have had a recent shoulder dislocation, or be above 250 pounds.

Video of our indoor skydiving flight at Paraclete XP!

Check out the video I put together of our indoor skydiving adventure!

Paraclete XP is located in Raeford, North Carolina which is about 90 minutes from our house. It was a great time and one that we will certainly do again! Especially because they said our kids can do it! (Requirements is over 3 and potty trained) Check them out at