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REVIEW of SmartyPants Vitamins

SmartyPants vitamins sent me a whole case of these gummy vitamins and for the last week or so I have been popping them like candy. Why? Because they taste like candy and they are great for you! Way better than those Flintstones vitamins I was feeding my kids. It has no dyes, artificial flavors, or any other bad stuff and it is packed with the vitamins you need. Check out SmartyPants Vitamins at

What I’m hoping is someone can tell me how to get better at Super Smash Bros Brawl so i can defeat my kids. They are absolutely owning me right now and it’s embarrassing. Is it the character I’m choosing? Is it the special moves? Help!

Gregory Ng

GOAL: Visit 100 National Parks as a family by 2020. Favorite Parks: Zion National Park, Mt Rainier National Park, Valley Forge National Historical Park

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