Hard Boiled Eggs at Yunomine Onsen

One of the coolest things to do at Yunomine Onsen is to buy raw eggs from a local merchant and hard-boil them right in the hot onsen water!

After we finished our first route of the Kumano Kodo, we took a rest day in a remote village called Yunomine Onsen. This village is known for their mineral rich, super-hot spring water and as Japan’s oldest onsen.

Japan’s oldest onsen is located here at Yunomine Onsen and can be seen from where you boil the eggs!
You can buy raw eggs at the various stores next to the water. We got 2 eggs for 100 yen (about $0.90)
There is a designated area where you can hang your mesh egg bag off of hooks directly into the onsen water.
After 11 minutes, we had hard-boiled eggs!

Most plans and tours of the Kumano Kodo includes a trip to this amazing town and it should not be missed! This is a really unique and amazing thing to do when you are there. Check out the video below for more information.