My Interview on The Camino Podcast about my Kumano Kodo Experience

This week, I was interviewed on the Camino Podcast to talk about my experience on the Kumano Kodo a few months ago. The host of the Camino Podcast, Dave Whitson, was the 500th person to achieve dual-pilgrimage status! “Dual pilgrim” is a designation that I am now obsessed with achieving myself. More on my plans to walk the Camino de Santiago coming soon.

Before my segment is an interview with Mike Rhodes from the Tanabe City Kumano Tourism Bureau. If you are considering a pilgrimage along the Kumano Kodo, you will become very familiar with this website as it is THE central point of truth on the internet for everything you need to know. Take a listen to my interview below!

In my interview I reference my latest post about my journey in still understanding the full meaning in my adventure. You can read my post, “What I am still learning from hiking the Kumano Kodo: 3 Truths” to learn more.